Swaroop Sagar Lake Udaipur

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2 min readFeb 28, 2022

Udaipur- the city of Lakes in India is famous for the beautiful lakes present there. There are many lakes in Udaipur and all of them are wonders of nature.

A very beautiful lake in the beautiful city of Udaipur is Swaroop Sagar Lake which is artificially constructed and is different from all the other lakes of the city. Most people know that the lakes of Udaipur are interconnected with each other and the same is also with the Swaroop Sagar Lake. The Swaroop Sagar Lake is well connected with Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake. There is another name for the Swaroop Sagar Lake which is ‘Kumharia Talab’.

Short History Of Lake Swaroop Sagar

The Swaroop Sagar Lake was built during 1842–61 by a very famous ruler of the Mewar dynasty. MaharajaSwaroop Singh was a very wonderful ruler and after him, the Lake was named Swaroop Sagar Lake. This lake was created by King Swaroop Singh to fulfill the water needs of the residents of the area.

It is a very beautiful sightseeing spot where you can see all the dams built in the slid up of the lake. This situation comes during the monsoon season when the Lake overflows due to heavy rainfall.

You will enjoy the lit-up dam and it is indeed a very beautiful spot to see the wonderful Lake created by King Swaroop Singh. There are many hotels present near Pichola Lake which provide a splendid view of the area and also contain many restaurants and lounges where you can enjoy various delicacies along with the traditional food of Udaipur.

Along with places of staying and eating, you can also enjoy your vacation by visiting the gardens constructed near the area that can give you Instagram-worthy pictures. I hope that you will visit this wonderful place when you visit Rajasthan.

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